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Welcome to Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Norwalk CT

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Co-founded by the legendary Fred Astaire, our studio set the standard of excellence indance instruction. From Ballroom to Latin, from Swing to Salsa - we offer all styles of dance lessons for all ages and abilities in a friendly atmosphere.

At our Norwalk Fred Astaire Dance Studio learning how to dance is always easy and fun! Don‘t put it off for another moment - walk in and dance out!

We just moved our studio location - You can find us now at 314 Westport Ave, 2nd floor!


Latest Articles

  • Congratulations, you’ve signed up for dance lessons! (Or, at least you’re considering it!) Like many others who are trying out dance lessons for the first time, you probably have a lot of questions. One question we are often asked is: “Is it difficult to learn to dance?” If you’re wondering the same thing, sit tight, we’re here to assure that the answer is a happy “No! It is not difficult to learn how to dance.” Here’s why... 

    At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, we pride ourselves on our talented instructors and how effectively they are able to transfer their knowledge and dance experience to their students (you!). Although dancing itself isn’t easy and requires practice, our instructors know the best way to teach based on your learning style! 

  • Ask any dancer out there what makes them successful and they will tell you the old saying: practice, practice practice. Whether they’re a ballroom dancer, a ballerina or a breaking out hip-hop dance moves, they all know that what you do when you’re outside the studio is just as important as what you learn inside the studio. 

    Dance is an art form that has been around for centuries and is one of the most natural forms of expression. However, in order to move your body in a new and different way, you have to train your muscles. So, here are 3 things you can do like the pros to help you improve your dancing outside the studio: 

  • Like learning any skill, to become a good dancer takes patience and consistency! Dance, especially ballroom dance, is really an art form, and it consists of precise movements and bodily responses. This means that it to fine tune your dancing skills, you need to train your muscles to easily recall the steps and proper form. 

    That’s called muscle memory -- the way your body remembers motor movement through repetition. The memories aren’t actually stored in your muscles, of course, but they become second nature while stored in your brain! By repeating the same thing over and over, the brain knows what comes next without much effort -- the movement seems to just come naturally. 

    During the beginning stages of learning to dance, we recommend that you schedule your lessons close together - every week to ensure the steps are committed to memory! The less time between lessons means the less you will forget, the less you will need to review, and the more you will be able to learn!