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Welcome to Fred Astaire Dance Studio, Norwalk CT

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Co-founded by the legendary Fred Astaire, our studio set the standard of excellence indance instruction. From Ballroom to Latin, from Swing to Salsa - we offer all styles of dance lessons for all ages and abilities in a friendly atmosphere.

At our Norwalk Fred Astaire Dance Studio learning how to dance is always easy and fun! Don‘t put it off for another moment - walk in and dance out!

We just moved our studio location - You can find us now at 314 Westport Ave, 2nd floor!


Latest Articles

  • Busy. The word seems to be the theme of our lives these days, doesn’t it? Whether you’re running the kids to practice, working toward a deadline or even packing up for summer vacation, life seems to be busy all the time! 

    Well, in the midst of that busy schedule, it’s important to take a break and have a little fun from time to time. You probably already know what we’re going to say, but we think taking dance lessons is one great way to do that. For a lot of people, they want to learn how to dance, but don’t think they’ll have the time or availability for it. Have no fear, as we’ve already mentioned, learning to dance is a fun process you can take at your own pace! 

  • Before she was a New York Times Bestselling Author, Jean Kwok was a top female professional dance instructor at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in New York City’s East Side. With her critically-acclaimed new novel, “Mambo in Chinatown,” set to hit bookshelves today, we sat down with the author to explore how ballroom dancing changed her life for the better.

  • If you were a dance, which one would you be? Have you ever wondered which ballroom dance you should learn first? Take our fun personality quiz to find out which dance is your first match! 

  • If you are reading this post, it’s probably because you are wondering the same thing many people ask about when they are considering learning to dance!

    Is it better to take a private lessons or go to a dance lesson practice sessions? Which one will be more comfortable? Where will I learn the dance steps and moves more easily? Should I start with a private dance lesson and then start going to practice sessions, or should I wait to take a private lesson until I’ve gotten familiar with the dances at the practice sessions? 

  • We get asked this question all the time- “Am I too old to dance?” We have a very simple reply - absolutely not! 

    Whether you’re 16, 46, or 76, learning to dance is something you can do at any age. As long as you can walk, you can dance. And what’s more, when you learn to ballroom dance, you’ve automatically got a partner learning alongside you! Fred Astaire Dance Studios have dancers of all ages, from college students to 80+. Whether they love learning to dance for fun or showing off their new ballroom dance moves for an audience, they have a great time.